Energy Tips: Myths of Energy Savings, Busted

Posted by: Javier | 11/25/2014 at 04:13 PM

Energy Tips: Myths of Energy Savings, Busted

We all want to save energy. It’s good for our budgets, and good for our planet. The problem is that while many of us have the best intentions, there are some energy myths out there that not only keep us from maximizing our savings, but actually cost us more. Here’s the truth behind some popular energy saving myths.

  • Myth 1: Sleep Mode is Savings Mode – While sleep mode reduces energy use, your computer is still drawing power to be ready to wake up. It’s better to turn it off if you’re not going to use it for a while.
  • Myth 2: Closing Vents Yields SavingsClosing vents in unused rooms won’t save you energy, and it may drive your bills up. HVAC systems are designed to be balanced, and when you close a vent it puts more strain on the system overall.
  • Myth 3: Space Heaters Heat Up Savings – Wrong. Most furnaces run on natural gas, which is usually cheaper than electricity.
  • Myth 4: Don’t Touch That Thermostat Dial – Keeping your thermostat at one constant temperature is not as efficient as adjusting it to be more comfortable when you are home and less so while you are away (or using a programmable thermostat). Also, turning your furnace on full blast won’t heat your home quicker.
  • Myth 5: Leave It On, Don’t Switch It On and Off – Older appliances used to wear out if you turned them on and off, but that’s no longer the case. Turning the lights, your television, computer and any appliances off when you’re not using them saves energy and money.

It’s simple. When you rely on facts instead of myths, you’ll save energy, money and the environment.

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