Go Green with Landscaping Tips for Spring

Posted by: Anna | 03/25/2014 at 09:00 AM

Go Green with Landscaping Tips for Spring

Did you know that a healthy lawn is good for the environment? It prevents soil erosion, absorbs airborne pollutants, helps clean the air you breathe and filters contaminants from rainwater. Being more eco-friendly starts in your own backyard and making an effort to improve your lawn can go a long way to having a healthier, greener spring.

Now is the perfect time to get this transformation underway, and to prepare for the warmer months ahead. Thaw out from the cold and get your lawn back in shape with these green landscaping tips:

  • Spring CleaningRake leaves and clear winter debris to prepare for your spring landscaping project. Clear flower beds and gardens of dead leaves, twigs and branches to make sure your soil is ready for the new season.
  • Maintain Lawn Equipment – It’s important to service lawn equipment at the start of each spring to make sure your tools are fully functional for use in the upcoming months. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance, change oil, sharpen mower blades and clean or replace oil filters as needed.
  • Prepare Soil for Planting – Make sure your soil has the right pH balance, key nutrients and good texture with a simple soil analysis kit available at your local hardware store. Follow up by fertilizing to get the most out of your yard.
  • Divide Perennials – Tackle this simple task to keep your perennials looking lively and create new growth in the process.

Follow these simple tips with early morning watering to allow time for your soil to soak up key nutrients. With regular upkeep, you’ll be well on your way to a vibrant and environmentally healthy lawn.

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